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We believe that specialty lubricants are an integral part of the design of industrial machinery components That is the reason we

work with so many OEMs, compressor packagers and manufacturers of bearings, chains and gears so that we can meet or exceed

the specifications of their clients and end users.


Our clients have discovered that using specialty lubricants results in significant reductions in operating and maintenance costs!


   Increased service life (typically 4 to 8 times longer than petroleum lubricants)

   Less lubricant consumption due to lower volatility

   Reduced deposit formation as a result of good high temperature and oxidative stability

   Increased wear protection resulting in less frequent maintenance and longer part life

   Reduced energy consumption because of increased lubricating efficiency

   Improved cold weather flow properties eliminating the expense of heat tracing oil lines

   Reduced fire hazard resulting in increased safety and possibly lower insurance premiums

   Higher productivity, lower manufacturing costs and less downtime

   Reduced used oil and costs for disposal



























   Air compressor fluids

   Gas compressor fluids

   Refrigeration compressor fluids

   Industrial oils including:

   Food grade oils (NSF H1)

   Bearing & gear oils

   Hydraulic oils

   Bio-based lubricants

   Synthetic greases

   many other applications

   Oil / water separators to process air compressor condensate

   Water-based chemical degreasers and de-scalers




   AUTOMOTIVE (assembly)-

       Centrifugal air compressors

       Silicone free oils (for paint booths)

       Pneumatic tool oils




       Gear Reducers


       Air Compressors

       Refrigeration Compressors

       Vacuum Pumps & Blowers

       Food grade NSF H1 lubricants & greases





   OIL & GAS (Refinery & Petrochemical)

       Field Rotary Screw Gas Compressors

       Vapor Recovery Gas Compressors

       Propane Refrigeration at Dew Point Plants

       Hydrogen Compressors in Refineries

       High Pressure CO2 and NG Reciprocating Compressors

       Gas engines like Waukesha & Caterpillar